Tailgate Munchies

Not hosting the tailgate this year? There are more ways than just bringing a case of beer as a contribution to the host’s hard work. It just seems like there is always plenty of alcohol and not enough food to last the whole tailgate. That being said, it is always a nice gesture to bring a dish or plate of food to a tailgate to show your appreciation for the invite. Here is an assortment of fun ideas for your next tailgate!

But first I just have to tell you that you can never go wrong with a good dip to go with chips like my personal favorite, 7 layer bean dip. Just remember, finger food is the best for tailgates! These are just some quirky fun things you can try that will grab the attention of everyone at the tailgate!

Get started with some mini pigs in a blanket! Just wrap a mini hot dog in crescent rolls and cook (seriously, it’s that easy). Or if you’re over that idea, spice it up with a little pizza roll–keep the crescent rolls and switch out the hot dog with a few pepperonis and a mozzarella cheese stick, and cook. Another great crescent recipe–yes, I can do a lot with your traditional crescent–is a cheeseburger roll! Cook some ground beef (or ground turkey) and wrap it in a crescent roll with American cheese and bacon if you are feeling daring.

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Happy Tailgating! XOXO

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